Welcome to FATH’s new world!

FATH is still FATH. Only now, it’s different! More multifaceted, more exciting and more encompassing.

FATH’s products and solutions have been helping our customers increase their productivity for over 30 years. Of course, you know us best as a manufacturer of mechanical components and hardware. But FATH has always been much more than that. In the background, we have always been innovating and developing dynamically. SOLUTIONS FOR INDUSTRIAL ECOSYSTEMS

FATH products and solutions not only increase productivity, they appreciably improve people’s work experience at the same time. That is a promise we make to you. ENRICH YOUR WORKING LIFE.

To live up to this promise, we need more than just practical components. That’s why we design holistic and easy-to-use solutions based on a wealth of know-how and decades of experience. We create added value on the shop floor through the interaction between people, machinery, and materials. These include LEAN visualization products for greater efficiency in the production area. Digitizing and automating production and assembly processes, while providing attractive automation solutions for warehouses, logistics, and smart access control systems.

In brief: We see ourselves as a leader of innovation and a developer of intelligent system solutions for manufacturing. Our solutions benefit the working lives of millions of people and we want to make these solutions accessible to all. Worldwide.

The FATH values





Gewerbepark Hügelmühle 31, D-91174 Spalt

Managing directors

Wido Fath, Mirko Jan Fath, Till Zupancic


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